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“Shadows stay off you, Walker.”

Once a planet much like Earth, until a millennium ago.

No one to this day knows what caused the shift, the earthquakes, tidal waves, and loss of the moon.

As gravity itself changed, the planet of Duala…tipped. Now, the southern hemisphere is forever in the sunlight.

The south pole is a scorching desert, where only the hardiest of creatures can survive.

Mid-hemisphere are “The Edge Lands”, the archipelgos, strips of continent, and waterways where life still flourishes despite the odds. Civilization has largely recovered, with the races living in various city states forming across the Edge Lands.

And then there is “The Darkness.” The cold, inhospitable lands now home to luminescent monsters, outcasts and the ruins of the old world. It is a world of danger, but that does not keep people away.

The demand for artifacts of this lost world is great, and the coin plentiful. This has lead to the development of professional mercenary parties, specialising on expeditions into The Darkness.

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The Players

The NPCs

Twilight Border. Continent on Duala (Map by https://inkarnate.com/)