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Shadow Walkers – NPCs

Akira (Goblin)
Chief Engineer of the Srendaen Ru

Christian (Skep)
Landlord of the Harvester Bar in Srendaen Ru

Duke (Beholder)
Pilot of the Srendaen Ru

Dutchess (Beholder)
Pilot of the Srendaen Ru

Gavin (Half-Elf)
Chief medical officer on Srendaen Ru. Karis’s brother in law

Ghost (Unknown)
A mysterious woman following the party

Gruumsh (Half-Orc)
Karis’s foster brother. Shadow Walker.

Lilly (Human)
Gruumsh’s Ward

Luca (Dragonborn)
Landlord of the Titan’s Hand Bar in Srendaen Ru

Tasmyla Dozzekart (Dwarf)
First mate and closest thing to a city mayor on Srendaen Ru

Travelasi Morvan (Tiefling)
Captain of the Srendaen Ru. Also Ashani’s ex

Odd (Half-Elf Drow)
Owner of the Magic Shop franchise on Twilight Border

Yess (Mimic)
Gruumsh’s ward.