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Fereldan Carrot Kale Mash (May contain Turnip)

So one of my more interesting finds during Dragon Age Day on the 4th December was the blog Foods of Thedas by Essem_Jay.

So what better way to kick of my own new blog (Jan Spam) that I will probably forget to update after a month, with the hillarious story that is me embracing my inner nerd and taking inspiration from one of the recipies.

I say taking inspiration, because I wound up following the recipie for Fereldan Turnip Barley Stew like a Hedge Mage following a Templar.

I knew that I would be Slow Cooking, which already altered the recipie, but the real change was when I got to the supermarket and discovered that last thing on a Sunday, the first Sunday after New Year Break, is a REALLY bad time for having ANYTHING on the shelves.


So I swapped barley for quinoa, which straight of the bat turns the Turnip and Barley stew into Turnip Quinoa stew. Celery was substituted with cucumber (With hindsight, apple may have been a better substitute choice for this recipie) and oregano was out, so thyme was used instead. I couldn’t find vegetable base, and while the sausages were vegan, they were not the the vegan sausages advertised (They were cauliflower sausages…yes I said cauliflower. It was that or butternut squash) . Also I misread 1 pound of turnip as 1 turnip, so had more carrots.

And to top it all, there was a depressing gap on the shelf where the cannellini live.


Mixed beans it was. Andraste watch over me.

So what I actually made was Carrot and Quinoa stew, and because the afformentioned Quinoa wound up soaking up a lot of the water while it was cooking, what I ACTUALLY made was Carrot and Quinoa mash, with thyme, Cumen, Cucumber and…allegedly…a turnip.

Not only was it not what the recipie intended, but to be honest I’m not entirely sure it is what NATURE intended.

But the important thing is the memories I made along the way 🙂

And Carrot and Quinoa mash, with thyme, Cumen, Cucumber and…allegedly…a turnip, tastes really good. I mean, probably not as good as the actual Turnip stew would have tasted (or indeed a stew at all) but that means I have that to look forward to 🙂

And it’s vegan too, so I’m getting my veganuary points in early (Not that I’m doing Veganuary, but it’s good to have a meat free day now and again).

^^ Lunch for work tomorrow 🙂